Innovation is our DNA

nCap Technologies

nCap astonished the world by unlocking the power of nano-sized capacitors. This breakthrough is providing elegant solutions and enhancements for all kinds of devices, sensors and more. From consumer products that live in your pocket to devices that are a planet away.


nCap Licensing

The gateway for companies wanting to investigate and embed nCap technology into their products. millions of devices are already enabled by nCap Technology

nCap Medical

nCap Medical's “Neuro Capacitive” technology will change the quality of life for people around the globe.

nCap Energy

Novel solutions for today's energy challenges

Smart battery systems, ambient energy harvesting, distributed community energy solutions.

nCap Telecommunications

Next generation solutions for Radio, Television and the Internet of Things above ground, underground, underwater and in deep space.

Disaster Research

GDIG is an organization that uses innovation to improve the lives of a billion people at risk globally for being affected by disasters. We support and grow the innovation community by providing incubation and advisory services, providing Innovation consultants and more.

Field Innovation Team

FIT is GDIG’s non-profit arm. FIT delivers real-time innovations in disasters and open sources our solutions. FIT seeks to empower first-responders and affected communities by rapidly deploying its technologies, skills, and services to those in need.