Innovation is our DNA

nCap Technologies

nCap is a privately held technology based holding company providing innovative solutions to positively impact the world around us.  nCap's family of businesses are working together, to form a multifaceted business environment wherein innovation is our DNA.



Novel solutions for today's challenges, nCap's engineering team works on wide variety of projects.

Smart battery solutions, Compact antenna designs and state of the art software solutions.

360º Corporate Governance

Entity Creation, Reporting and Compliance.

Working together with our M&A team, our 360 Entity Team specializes in creating the best entity solution, all things considered.  Corporate Governance is a focus, not an afterthought, as we use the best planning tools for distribution of earnings while minimizing tax liability.  We also provide accounting and financial reporting services, governed by GAAP, as well as Federal and State Income Tax planning that benefits both the entity, as well as members and stockholders.  Our team also provides Business Consulting services in the form of flexible business plans and forecasts, budgeting and human resource management.

Disaster Research

GDIG is an organization that uses innovation to improve the lives of a billion people at risk globally for being affected by disasters. We support and grow the innovation community by providing incubation and advisory services, providing Innovation consultants and more.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Capital solutions for emerging growth companies. We provide the management team with strategic planning and financial capital for acquisitions or internal growth. We look for companies with an experienced management team, existing revenue and potential for obtaining a large market share within their industry.  Our focus is  on “disruptive technology” that will dramatically change or create a new market niche within an industry.


Creating advanced software for computers, servers and mobile device. Our team of software engineers using innovative processes tackle advance computing challenges daily.

Field Innovation Team

FIT is GDIG’s non-profit arm. FIT delivers real-time innovations in disasters and open sources our solutions. FIT seeks to empower first-responders and affected communities by rapidly deploying its technologies, skills, and services to those in need.